Identify Workshop

Discover which sustainability issues to target, and where your actions can make the biggest impact. Book your Identify workshop with a TBL sustainability specialist.


What’s the aim?

Our lively half-day workshop explores the sustainability issues that matter most to you through the lens of the Global Goals. You’ll be introduced to the Global Goals. You’ll assess which are most relevant to your business – and where your efforts can have greatest impact.

How long will the sustainability workshop last?

3-4 hours.

How much does this cost?


Who should attend?

In addition to representatives from your Sustainability /ESG / Corporate Responsibility teams (where these exist), other key functional areas should be represented, including marketing, HR, sourcing, compliance, and risk.



What happens at a sustainability workshop?

In person or via video call, we’ll discuss each of the goals in turn, exploring the targets that sit beneath each goal to better understand the goal’s meaning. Then, attendees will score each goal for each of the following questions:

  • How significant is this goal to our business?
  • What is our ability to contribute to this goal?

What are the outcomes?

After the workshop, we will:

  • Use the scores for each Goal to create a materiality matrix of priority goals (see opposite)
  • Prepare a presentation highlighting your low, medium and high priority goals
  • Discuss the results with you, with suggested next steps toward your priority goals that you can carry out in-house, with us or with other suppliers
  • Create example communications to help you share the presentation and start/continue your conversation about sustainability


  • We’ve already done some sustainability work. Is it too late for a workshop? +

    No. We find organisations start their sustainability journey at many different points, often carrying out actions or even creating a report as a first step. Yet the Identify workshop is always worthwhile. Even where you’ve started on the journey, the workshop can help you understand whether you’re heading in the right direction, where you’ll find the biggest ‘wins’, and what steps to take next.